Learn how to perform color therapy from Mindsight Clinic and understand how color therapy benefits everyone Learn how to perform color therapy from Mindsight Clinic and understand how color therapy benefits everyone

Colour Therapy Course

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Colour therapy not only benefits children and their personal well-being but also plays a significant role in adult life. Colour therapy is based on seven colours, called the spectrum. Each colour has a different wavelength, and it impacts a person's body parts differently. As a therapist, you will utilize the concept of each colour and improve your client's emotional and physical well-being.

At the mindsight clinic colour therapy course, you will learn the effects of colours on a person's mental and physical health and how to take benefits of each. The professional will guide you about the impact of warm and cool colour, along with the symbolism of colours to improve anyone's emotional well being.

Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic conducting colour therapy with kids

To become a colour therapist, you will require to have basic as well as an advanced understanding of colour therapy in the fields of psychology. The Mindsight clinic colour therapy course aims to give every student the fundamental and professional knowledge of techniques of colours. You will also learn healing methods in a joyful environment.

Benefits of learning Colour Therapy Course

Improve self-awareness in your clients

Acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become a professional colour therapist

Importance of different colours in mental health care

Interact and communicate with the client effectively about colour therapy

Happy student from Mindsight Clinic after colour therapy course

Course Syllabus

  • How to use colour therapy to heal specific mental health disorders
  • Effects of colours over a person's mental health
  • The psychology behind different colours
  • Therapeutic meaning of colours
  • Science of light
  • Colour wheel
  • The seven-coloured rays
  • Modern tricks and changes in colour therapy
  • Colour therapy counseling skills
  • Colour visualization and healing techniques
Duration : 1-Day Integrated Course - 90 Minutes/Day
Course Fee : ₹ 6,000/- , Certificate Included.

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Each colour has different vibrations, and all of it impacts differently to a person's mood or overall health. The colours have a different wavelength, it hits an individual retina, and thus the brain interprets it. As a result, the human's perception changes according to colour, through sensory experience.

Colour therapy is the safest and effective treatment one can do, along with their other physiotherapies. It improves a person's mood and health.

As a colour therapist has knowledge about different colours, they use it to harmonize and rebalance a person's mood. It is mainly done by choosing the right colour according to the patient's needs.