MindSight Clinic, as the provider of Mental Health Services, with its proficiency in providing counselling, psychologists can guide you resolve your issues in all spheres of life.

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Your modern problems require modern treatments, so we are offering services, both online and offline.

With extensive experience in the field of mental care, and several tie-ups with leading corporates, our only focus is to make our services more accessible. Our therapies are result-driven, as we offer deep-rooted solutions, and treatments through our best approach possible.

All our counsellors, psychologists, and psychiatric doctors are RCI licensed, and have extensive experience in their respective specialization. Our services are highly affordable, but we don't lack quality!

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Jaini Savla CEO and Senior Psychologist
Jaini Savla

Jaini is the founder and CEO of Mindsight Clinic. As a businesswoman at the forefront of mental health in Mumbai, she weaves into the fabric of her work both the credences of professionalism and compassion.

Through her academic and entrepreneurial pursuits, her masters in 11 psychotherapies (she is a master practitioner in NLP, EBT, TA, Music Therapy and more) and her ongoing study.. she wishes to help people in Mumbai and from around the world solve personal and professional problems. By providing a centre for mental health that everyone can rely on, she can help people overcome any obstacles to achieving their full potential.

And through philanthropy, she supports and works for the underprivileged young and old.

She is also an excellent artist, with interests from a young age spanning from dance and music to painting, and singing, having trained in the latter with eminent teachers.

It is her sweetest joy and delight to aid people in the quest to be their best selves.

MindSight Clinic is manned by experienced mental health professionals in the fields of Psychiatry, counselling psychologists and Clinical Psychology to cater to the needs of a diverse population. We are renowned to offer care to individuals who seek treatment for minor stress and interpersonal problems that can further lead to severe neurobehavioural/neurocognitive and psychiatric problems. We assist people who lead a normal and well-adjusted life, but are witnessing problems in other walks of life.

We, as a team of psychiatric doctors, psychologists and counsellors in Mumbai provide consultation to patients of all age groups and conduct regular workshops to share information and equip them with knowledge.

As a top psychotherapy clinic in Mumbai, it is fully equipped with state of the art technology to attend to the mental health needs of children, adolescents, adults and geriatric population. Our Department is fully equipped with all psychological test materials to do various psychological assessments relating to children and adults including Comprehensive Neuropsychological Assessment. Apart from the assessment and psychological management of Intellectual Disability, Developmental Disorders, Emotional and Behavioural Problems in children and adolescents, the clinical psychologists have extensive experience in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Inter-Personal Therapy (IPT), Family Therapy and Marital Therapy. We also have the facility for Biofeedback Therapy.