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Know the difference between Psychologist & Psychiatrist


  • A practicing psychologist can have credentials of a Clinical Psychologist, Counseling Psychologist or Psychotherapist. He or she can have specializations in programs such as Master of Arts, M.Phil, Ph.D. or PsyD (Doctor of Psychology)
  • Counselling - Non-medical methods i.e., psychotherapy, psychological testing assessments done by our best and qualified psychologists.
  • Treatment - Our psychologists focus on providing treatments based on researched psychotherapy techniques and use worldwide accepted testing and assessment tools for personality tests, clinical interviews, behavioral assessments, aptitude testing and career guidance.
Differences between Psychiatrist vs Psychologist


  • A practicing psychiatrist is a Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Psychiatry after completing his or her education as a General Physician (M.B.B.S)
  • Counselling - The psychiatrist has expert knowledge of assessment of Mental illnesses in terms of diagnostic measures and he or she has the credibility to prescribe psychiatric medications as well along with medical treatments.
  • Treatment - Psychiatrists have a holistic approach taking into account physiological concerns, neurological symptoms, and psychiatric history along with other medical problems for complete treatment. He or she can further aid the clients for therapy only when they have a professional degree or diploma in Psychological counseling.
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10 centers across mumbai providing psychological and counselling help to everyone

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