Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic with students teaching them how to perform cognitive behavior therapy course Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic with students teaching them how to perform cognitive behavior therapy course

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The cognitive behavior therapy course is not just useful for someone going through anxiety or depression, but also it will help an ordinary person become a better human. In the CBT course, you will learn to identify and change your own thoughts and beliefs regarding various problems that are in human life. We assure you that you will benefit from lots of improvements in your way of thinking immediately.

CBT is one of the effective therapies in psychology and has been used for an extended period. Back then, psychologists faced trouble treating anxiety and depression. But with this course, you will learn different ways humans experience emotions and how it affects the behavior.

Also, our professionals will cover different CBT techniques to target thoughts that influence emotions and how to process them. If you are already a counselor, CBT will help you to improve your skills and will deepen your knowledge of counseling. You will also be guided with several principles of CBT, which will help you to challenge the negative thought process of your clients.

Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic conducting cognitive behavior therapy on a group of patients

Every mental health problem, like anxiety, depression, or stress, has one symptom in common: a lack of acceptance and self-awareness. Thus, by the practical application of CBT in the course, you will learn to tackle all these problems efficiently.

Take the mindsight clinic's CBT course and learn advanced CBT intervention techniques with our professionals and get yourself certified!

Benefits of learning Cognitive Behavior Therapy Course

Practical application of CBT in a relationship, child, and adult counseling.

Technical CBT based tools to use in personal and client lives too.

Tips for establishing healthy professional boundaries with clients and create the right environment in sessions.

How to improve self-awareness and build positive transformation in anyone.

Happy student from Mindsight Clinic after taking cognitive behavior therapy course

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to cognitive behavior therapy
  • Theory on biological component of emotion
  • How to motivate to bring change
  • Tips to become an effective counselor
  • Basic CBT techniques
  • How to identify and make goals while doing cognitive behavior therapy
  • Ethical codes of CBT therapy
  • How to structure a successful CBT session
  • Important CBT techniques
  • Steps to treat anxiety, phobia, and Insomnia with CBT
  • CBT for anger management
  • Introduction to dialectical behavior therapy
  • Solution-focused methodology
Duration : 4 Days Integrated Course - 90 Minutes/Day
Course Fee : ₹ 12,000/-, Certificate Included

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There are several cognitive-behavioral techniques, but the most effective of all are cognitive distortions, cognitive restructuring, exposure and response prevention, relaxed breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation.

Cognitive behavior therapy intends to change the negative thought pattern of any individual by using different cognitive-behavioral techniques, and help them to face difficulty at any point in life. CBT works on the idea of team counseling.

Through CBT, the psychologist will aim to understand the leading cause of insomnia by looking at the behavioral problems of the client. Insomnia is often connected to negative thoughts; hence CBT is considered the best therapy for insomnia.

Physiotherapists use many cognitive behavioral therapy exercises to treat their patients, like, graded exposure, mindfulness meditation, skill training, problem-solving, and relaxation.