Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic with students teaching how to perform counselling course Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic with students teaching how to perform counselling course

Psychologist Counselling Course

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It's important to have the right skills to become successful as a counselor. You should have a deep understanding of several mental health problems to make the session more client-centric. If you are already a professional helper, or are working in a company where you need to understand more about your client or workforce, then this counselling course will help you get the most in a quick time.

Through a psychologist counselling course, you can increase your current level of knowledge about the field. The professionals at the mindsight clinic, will help you get detailed insights and understand the human behavior comprehensively.

The psychologist counselling course at the mindsight clinic will help you to gain practical and educational experience. You will not just learn about your client and their problems in detail, but also you will acquire skills to know more about yourself.

Students with Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic learning the techiniques of counselling

Take the psychologist counselling course and start your journey of being a counselor right away!

Benefits of learning Psychologist Counseling Course

Improved communication and interpersonal skills for counseling

Enhanced self-esteem and self-acceptance for doing well while counseling a client

Problem-solving tactics and conflict resolution techniques

Stress management techniques to treat critical disorders like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia

Improved decision-making skills

Better management of emotions like anger, sadness, and loneliness

Ability to change self-defeating behavior of any person

In-depth understanding of several treatment options

Happy student after completing counselling course from Mindsight Clinic

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to psychologist counseling
  • Do's and don't in counseling
  • Attributes to follow being a counselor
  • How counseling actually works
  • Overview of the different counseling process
  • How to improve self-awareness as a counselor
  • How to maintain a client-counselor relationship
  • Therapies and theories in counseling
  • Tips to address problematic situations effectively
Duration : 3 Months Integrated Course - 1 Hour/Day
Course Fee : ₹ 47,000/- Certificate Included.

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Psychologist counseling is a specialty in professional psychology, focusing mainly on social, vocational, health-related, emotional, and organizational development. It follows different therapies and techniques to alleviate distress and crisis.

A counselor helps people to improve their mental health issues by providing the right treatment and therapies.

A therapist can be a marriage counsellor, psychologist, life coach and social worker. It totally depends on their skill sets and their knowledge about clinical psychology, psychiatry.