Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic with students teaching music therapy course Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic with students teaching music therapy course

Music Therapy Course

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The power of music is evident to everyone one of us, but only some know how to utilize it to get the best out of all. There are ample benefits of music therapy, like improving motor functions, emotions, self-assessment, and personal growth. Music brings both relaxation and pleasure to any individual. It directly affects brain activity and helps in mental development.

The music therapy course covers many positive psychology development areas, like improved communication, physical, sensory, social, and cognitive skills. Also, understand the psychology behind several music techniques like songwriting, drumming, music performance, expressive music interventions, etc.

Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic conducting music therapy with kids

Music therapy course at the mindsight clinic covers music therapy in the fields of mental health to relieve pain and fight with particular disabilities. Join the course now, and get yourself certified!

Benefits of learning Music Therapy Course

Reduce the anxiety and physical effects of stress of your clients quickly

Improved self-expression and communication while counseling

Effectiveness of music therapy in different situations

Professional overview of music therapy and uses in day to day life

Happy student from Mindsight Clinic after music therapy course

Course Syllabus

  • What is music therapy and why it is important in psychology
  • A short overview of the importance of music therapy from older times
  • Different kinds of music therapy
  • Effective ways and tips of music therapy for mental health
  • Tips for understanding the impact of music therapy on your client
  • How to take music therapy group sessions
  • Importance of music therapy on behavioral issues
  • Music therapy for kids with particular disabilities
  • Music therapies for young and adults
  • Music therapy to treat anxiety, stress, or depression
  • Uses of music therapy on different mental health problems
Duration : 2 Days Integrated Course - 90 Minutes/Day
Course Fee : ₹ 12,000/- , Certificate Included

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Healing music is a technique used by physiotherapists to improve the physiological functions of a person going through mental health problems.

Music has an impact on a person's brainwave activity levels. It is beneficial to mind and body because of its relaxing effects. The music slows down the pulse rate and heart rate by lowering the blood pressure and decreases the level of stress hormones dramatically.

Music therapy is evidence-based physiotherapy, that helps a person to address their cognitive, emotional, physical, and social needs. The therapist will make the person listen to different melodies and play several instruments to know more about their problems.

Therapists use different tools to do music therapy; some of them are drum, guitar, melodica, piano, tambourine, shaker, and a lot more.