Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic conducting art therapy with students and making them understand what is art therapy and how to perform art therapy Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic conducting art therapy with students and making them understand what is art therapy and how to perform art therapy

Art Therapy Course

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Art is a powerful thing when it comes to analyzing a person's behavior. It allows kids, old age people, and young individuals to express themselves, their ideas, and problems without uttering a word. Midnight clinic has specialized professionals trained in providing an effective art therapy course, along with detailed knowledge of different counseling.

If you are fascinated and eager to learn about how art therapy works and what are the benefits of it, you can take the course and get yourself certified. Art therapy is among the best treatments to help reduce pain and decrease symptoms of the stress of any person. It can also stimulate the mental functioning of kids suffering from particular disorders.

Students learning what is art therapy and how to perform art therapy from Psychologist

Art therapy will not only help you to understand other people's behavior, but also you can explore a lot more about yourself.
Take the Art therapy course from Mindsight clinic's professionals; discover a new way of learning and analyzing the art of your clients, and become a certified art therapist!

Benefits of learning Art Therapy Course

Understand the behavioral benefits of art therapy for your clients.

Detailed overview of uses of art therapy under different circumstances.

Insight of being an art therapist as a career, and what do they do to treat patients effectively.

Learn new types, trends, and changes in art therapy course.

Happy student after art therapy course from Mindsight Clinic

Course Syllabus

  • Special Child Counseling and parenting
  • Art therapy for Adolescent depression or anxiety counseling
  • Clinical art therapy for old age people
  • Art therapy for addiction treatment
  • Art therapy for hyperactivity disorder
  • How to help your client deal with loneliness
  • Know your client's behavior by the use of art therapy
  • Meaning of scribbles and sketches by kids
  • Therapeutic aspect behind the concept and color used by your client
  • Crisis evaluation and remedial exploration by art therapy
  • Picture analysis to investigate sexual abuse
  • Group art therapy: New and interactive approach
Duration : 4 Days Integrated Course - 90 Minutes/Day
Course Fee : ₹ 17000/- , Certificate Included.

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At Mindsight clinic, you will learn modern forms of art therapy like finger painting, doodling, sculpting, scribbling, digital, and painting to understand the cognitive-behavioral issues of clients.

If your client is creating something positive and artistic painting, then they are exploring their creative mind and relieving mental stress. Hence, it is important to learn and understand the types of painting in art therapy.

Group art therapy is a unique form of art therapy wherein a group of people comes together under professionally trained therapists. It is one of the newest forms and is considered more effective than individual therapy.

Art therapy is one of the emerging segments in the mental health profession as it facilitates the creative process of any individual and helps to explore feelings, reconcile conflicts, and understand behavior management.