Transactional Analysis helps us determine the ego state of a person as a basis of undertanding behavior. Transactional Analysis helps us determine the ego state of a person as a basis of undertanding behavior.

Transactional Analysis Course

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It's important to have effective communication with your client while doing any therapy. The transactional analysis course helps a person or a physiotherapist to understand their client's behavior and guide them skillfully. It will also encourage you to understand the concept of modern relationships, which includes types of attitudes, emotions, and problematic behaviors.

There are different ego states of parents, adults, and child's which are covered in detail in the transactional analysis course. Also, you will get information and knowledge of nonverbal cues, speech, and gestures of different persons relating to their mental health problems.

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Take the Mindsight clinic's Transactional Analysis Course, taken and assisted by specialized professionals, and get yourself certified!

Benefits of learning Transactional Analysis Course

Improve the understanding by Transactional Analysis and use it effectively with clients.

In-depth explanation is self-help techniques and uses for your own selves.

Boost communication and relationship by different skills.

Eliminate unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and actions of your clients quickly.

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Course Syllabus

  • Understand the core principle and different concepts of transactional analysis
  • Philosophical assumptions of Transactional analysis
  • Strokes and types of strokes
  • Scripts
  • Self-help techniques
  • Ego-states
  • Roles and games
  • Different kinds of transactions
  • In-depth information of thought, feelings, and behavior
  • Parent-Adult-Child Relationship
  • Intimacy and the decision-making process
Duration : 4 Days Integrated Course - 90 Minutes/Day
Course Fee : ₹ 12,000/- , Certificate Included

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The transactional analysis course will help you to understand both the verbal and nonverbal cues of your client and help them treat effectively. You can also initiate the use of transactional stimulus to get better results.

The transactional theory is a modern theory used to examine any person's relationship problems, depression, or anxiety. You can also counsel a child effectively with the help of this theory as it covers different ego states, thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

Transactional analysis analyses the ego states of different individuals, and there are three types in it. It covers adult-adult transactions, parent-child transactions, and complementary transactions.

The transactional analysis helps the physiotherapist to improve interpersonal communication with their client and help them get through their mental health problems easily.