Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic conducting gestalt therapy course amd making them understand gestalt meaning Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic conducting gestalt therapy course amd making them understand gestalt meaning

Gestalt Therapy Course

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In physiotherapy, it is important to have a unique bond with your client to help them heal quickly. There are several therapy courses available, but gestalt builds a strong and healthy relationship and is considered to be the best one. Gestalt also focuses on what is actually happening around a person instead of thinking about imaginary moments. It emphasizes on increasing awareness.

Gestalt therapy helps a person to explore themselves and increase self-awareness by creating dialogues. It also allows a person to be aware of their behavior and thoughts rather than ignoring them. You can also use the empty chair technique and exaggeration technique to analyze the person's deep-rooted problems.

Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic perfroming gestalt therapy on patient

Take the Gestalt Therapy Course from Mindsight Clinic Professionals and improve your client-therapist relationship.
Any participant can get training easily as there are no age barriers!

Benefits of learning Gestalt Therapy Course

Advanced knowledge of human behavior and personal growth.

Learn how to increase self-awareness of client's.

Expert guidance and facilitation throughout the course.

Developing a natural and deep connection with another person.

Happy student after taking gestalt therapy course from Mindsight Clinic

Course Syllabus

  • Concept and principles of gestalt therapy
  • Detailed overview of the human brain and nervous systems
  • How to increase awareness
  • Modern tricks to know and discern dialogues and speech
  • Field and other theoretical strategies
Duration : 2 Days Integrated Course - 90 Minutes/Day
Course Fee : ₹ 10,000/- , Certificate Included

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There are four important gestalt therapy techniques used by physiotherapists to improve their therapeutic process naturally. They are, the theory of paradoxical change, exaggeration technique, empty chair technique, and focus on the “here” and “now.”

A therapist can understand and bring up self-awareness and improve communication easily with gestalt therapy. In contrast, it gets difficult to use the gestalt technique like an empty chair if you are not much aware of it.

Gestalt group therapy is not as effective as individual therapy, as there are some techniques like an empty chair, which requires a lot of attention. But, it can give proven results if practiced with professionals.

Gestalt therapy uses different techniques to understand a person's state of mind by analyzing their behavioral problems. The client gets aware of their thoughts, emotions, and focuses on the present and future instead of the past.