Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic with the kid conducting play therapy Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic with the kid conducting play therapy

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Unlike adults, children often fail to express their feelings to parents, and hence they get problems in concentration leading to anxiety. This communication gap between the child and adults leads to multiple misunderstandings too. Play therapy is an effective way to learn kids' verbal and nonverbal cues.

In Mindsight clinic's play therapy course, you will learn behavioral control of kids and will fill the gap between parents and children correctly. You will also explore different stages of cognitive development of a child and how play therapy can influence it all at different levels.

Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic with kids conducting play therapy

Take Mindsight clinic's play therapy course and gain extensive knowledge of play therapy by understanding and learning different techniques and strategies by professionals.

Benefits of learning Play Therapy Course

Understand the intellectual disabilities of kids

Learn more about chronic illness and teach kid empathy

Alleviate anxiety and build right social skills at early stages

Tips to have communication with kids effectively

Happy student from Mindsight Clinic after play therapy course

Course Syllabus

  • Behavioral importance of different toys on kids
  • Significance and techniques of play therapy
  • In-depth knowledge of different play therapy models
  • Child observation techniques
  • New types, trends, and changes in play therapy course
  • Therapeutic inventions related to play therapy
  • How to conduct play therapy sessions effectively for every age group
  • Do's and don'ts of play therapy
  • Role of a psychologist as a play therapist
  • How to improve self-esteem by play therapy
Duration : 1 Day Integrated Course - 90 Minutes/Day
Course Fee : ₹ 6,000/- , Certificate Included

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Play therapy helps a kid to go off his or her hesitation by doing their favorite activity 'playing.' They learn how to get comfortable, and hence they get closer to their parents, making the bond more strong than ever!

There are two types of play therapy directive and nondirective. In the directive approach, the therapist will use a specific toy to achieve a particular goal. While in the nondirective approach, the toy selection is less structured, and the kid is free to play anything.

It is easy to understand what is going on in the kid's mind by play therapy. A therapist can take multiple toys and understand the behavior of the kid while using each toy.

Contemporary play therapy is a book one can read to understand the theory and research behind every technique.