Psychologist with students from Mindsight Clinic teaching hem REBT therapy Psychologist with students from Mindsight Clinic teaching hem REBT therapy

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The leading cause of any dysfunctional behavior is irritating thoughts and believes the person perceives. If you are a physiotherapist, it is essential to understand the core problems, and thus the REBT course will make your work easier. The rational emotive behavior therapy course will help you to eliminate self-defeating thoughts and behaviors by choosing more sensible and practical ways.

The REBT course mainly focuses on the impact of early childhood experiences of a human in their current mental condition. You will not only learn different techniques and strategies of the REBT course, but also you will discover the effective use of humor to treat clients. The course will help you to solve all the problems in a new way and establish professional skills.

Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic conducting REBT therapy with the patient

Take Mindsight Clinic's REBT course and learn how to make positive changes in your physiotherapy techniques in the four day training period.

Benefits of learning REBT Course

Understand the impact of your client's emotions and behavior on their mental health problems

Learn new skills to cope up with challenging emotional situations in a healthy manner

Discover the types of irritative, unrealistic, and negative thoughts

Increased self and behavioral awareness

Happy student after taking REBT therapy course from Mindsight Clinic

Course Syllabus

  • Core philosophy and techniques of REBT
  • How to recover patients who have gone through sexual abuse
  • Treat specific phobias with REBT
  • Tips for managing major life transitions effectively
  • Understand the use of REBT to treat marital, relationship, and family conflicts
  • Cope up with suicidal thoughts with REBT
Duration : 4 Days Integrated Course - 90 Minutes/Day
Course Fee : ₹ 15,000/- , Certificate Included

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The REBT follows three different techniques to treat any person suffering from mental health problems; they are cognitive techniques, emotive techniques, and behavioral techniques. All these techniques are considered as an effective treatment for anxiety.

Rational emotional therapy is a short term, action-oriented, mental health treatment through which clients are given self-reliant techniques to cope up with problems easily. It is cost-effective and can be used for individuals, groups, couples, and families.

Rational emotive behavior therapy is among the effective treatments one can use for groups as it identifies and monitors the irritating thoughts and conflicts among people and helps to cope up with all through helpful strategies.