Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic with students teaching them how to perform psychological testing Psychologist from Mindsight Clinic with students teaching them how to perform psychological testing

Psychological Testing Course

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Psychological testing is one of the emerging fields of psychology, wherein psychologists take the help of different tests to know their client's problems. Many people prefer testing before going for treatment to get the best results. As a psychologist, you will be required to measure and observe your client's behavior through several assessments.

In this course, you will learn to assess children who face difficulties in their academics and adults going through mental health problems. The standardized test will comprise sections related to intelligence, interest, achievement, personality, neuropsychology, and a lot more. Being a psychologist, the course will transform your way of treatment, as decisions will be fair and result-oriented.

Psychologist teaching what is psychological testing and how to perform psychological tests

The psychological testing course by Mindsight clinic's professionals will guide you in detail about every test and how to determine results from all of it effectively. You will also learn different assessment approaches, personality characteristics, and theories to cite the strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits of learning Psychological Testing Course

Brief information about the field of psychological testing

How to take psychological testing in any environment effectively

In-depth understanding on how to treat severe problems like ADD, ADHD, cognitive and behavior problems, and clinical depression

Improvement in technical and professional psychotherapy knowledge

Happy student after completing psychological testing course from Mindsight Clinic

Course Syllabus

  • Basic concepts of psychological testing
  • Skill sets for psychological testing
  • Quick overview and history of different test
  • Tips, techniques, and tricks to take the right interview
  • Behavioral observation of your clients
  • Writing test requirements
  • Norms, reliability, and validations of tests
  • How to evaluate tests properly
  • Step by step cognitive assessment
  • Tips to take individual intelligence tests by theories
  • Group ability test to examine aptitude, achievement, and intelligence
  • Ethics of psychological testing
  • Application of personality assessment in clinical depression
  • Test bias and informative insights
Duration : 4 Days Integrated Course - 90 Minutes/Day
Course Fee : ₹ 25,000/-, Certificate Included

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Psychologists take psychological assessments to assess their client's behavior, abilities, and personality to know their existing mental condition and develop effective solutions.

Psychological assessment is divided into four types, clinical interview, assessment of intellectual functioning, personal assessments, and behavioral assessments.

Firstly start with an interview with your client and get to know more about them; later, you can build up a questionnaire and ask them to fill up according to their choices. You can bring up the result of the psychological aptitude test by reviewing and assessing the questionnaire.

Psychological test not only benefits the physiotherapists but also it helps an individual to know more about their mental health. It tests cognitive abilities, attributes, achievement, ability, neurological functioning, and personality.