Paridhi Pansari

Clinical Psychologist

Qualification : Masters in Counseling Psychology

Experience : 3 years

Description : I have completed my Masters in Counseling Psychology from Maniben Nanavati college which is affiliated to SNDT University. I have conducted various workshops on Sexual Abuse, Anger, Time, Conflict and Stress Management. I also have experience in Life Skills Education in topics such as Empathy and Bullying. I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience by attending workshops such as Resilience, lifefirst tobacco cessation Training Programme, Neuropsychology, Family Therapy and Digital Safety (Also conducted a survey and research in DSRV school Malad about the digital usage by teenagers) to name a few. My first internship was at Mindtemple under the guidance of Dr. Anjali Chhabria. I also have experience with children right from Playgroup to 10th grade and also with the surviors of Women Trafficking.