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Tips for managing yourself and relationships in Covid-19 Lockdown!

Relationships are beautiful; they will give you lots of butterflies and happiness at the same time. When you are with your partner in the home after a long time, you can either spend the whole day doing household chores together or end up fighting; there is no in-between. 

Long-distance relationships are quite challenging than regular ones. You have to keep track of your partner’s routine. Someday you will get so much time to have quality conversations, while on other days, you won’t even get a minute for FaceTime. 

But the lockdown was the same for every relationship, even the ones who used to stay together got into fights just like long-distance relationships. If you and your partner are locked up in a home, you might be facing constant struggles because of some misunderstandings. 

The best part about relationships in lockdown is they can grow well and turn to be a permanent one. All you have to do is find your answer for what is a live-in relationship? And further, try some tips to make it even better. Manage yourself and your partner properly by following the below-given tips by our relationship counselor:

Give yourself some space:

There is no doubt that the COVID pandemic has helped many to understand their own self. Some people tried to relive their time with their loved ones, while others came up with amazing home food ideas. Many of us have found and explored the long lost hobbies of school times.

Hence give yourself some space apart from your routine job. It can be a miracle for you. If you are looking for a job change, then start applying for the same and build your skillset.

Respect your partner’s time and space:

Just like you are exploring your own self, your partner needs the same. Give them some time to work on their hobbies. Don’t always stick to them; it can be frustrating at times. As a couple, you should know each other’s limits very well. 

If constant fights are going on among you both, let them handle in their own way, and as a partner, you take your space.

Don’t hesitate to share anything:

Talk and listen is the forever mantra of every relationship. Don’t just keep on putting your thoughts even if your partner didn’t ask for it. If they are sharing with you any work-related problems, then instead of shouting to them, listen to it all peacefully. 

Also, if you feel anything wrong about the other person’s actions, or if any incident is bothering you, then be the first to tell them. Not sharing anything with your partner can lead to significant misunderstanding and can build a forever gap in your relationship. 

If you are in a long-distance relationship, then sharing is a virtue for caring. Talk about little things, and make each little conversation a happier one.

Plan your work hours:

If you have not done this yet, it’s high time to work on it. Working all day long and not focusing on the relationship can have adverse effects. Hence, fix your routine for everything, be it a household chore or a meeting. 

Take proper sleep and balance your work adequately. If you are in a long-distance relationship during the lockdown, plan up every job, so that you can get time to talk to your partner every day. 

Keep the weekends for your relationship:

Working all week long and not giving time to your partner can lead to anxiety or stress to them. Try to build up a timetable in such a way that you can manage your work and relationship all along. 

In this pandemic, many relationships faced a lot of difficulty in communication. Some of them even got anxiety and significant stress disorders. If you feel that your partner is facing some mental illness, then reach out to a psychotherapist and help them to cope up. 

To clear the clouds of the anxiety of your partner, try having date nights at home, and do some DIY activities. 

Practice gratitude:

Nobody is perfect, so don’t expect your partner to be. Start to love them even with their flaws. If they do something wrong, then despite shouting at them, help them to do it correctly. 

Gratitude plays an important role in any kind of relationship. Always appreciate your partner, and thank them for their little efforts. Criticism leads to gaps. Even though you are in a long-distance relationship, stop criticizing and ask the other person’s problem.

Exercise and meditate: 

It is important to take care of both physical and mental health during this lockdown. Meditation will calm your soul, and exercise will give you the energy to stay happy the whole day. 

And if you are in a relationship, exercising together will be more enjoyable. Try different routine exercises and spend more time together in the morning. A healthy diet also affects the relationship. 


Even after being in a relationship, try to have a conversation with your other friends. Group video calls are the best way to interact during the lockdown. Stay close to your family members. Do routine calls with your old friends and catch up with them.

Lack of communication is one of the leading triggers of a failing relationship. Even though both partners are staying together, there will be an emotional distance and space. 

Hence it is important to learn how to manage relationships and yourself in coronavirus lockdown before it is too late. Practice all the above-given tips and see the changes between your behavior. If you still find it challenging to cope up with the stress, take the relationship therapy or family therapy right now and make it work!

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