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10 Signs that you are in an abusive relationship!

You are on a date with your partner, but all of a sudden, you realize that he/she is not much into you. You try to have a conversation, but they are stuck on their mobile phone. Isn’t it hurting? 

There are many signs to recognize an abusive relationship. If you feel that your partner has ego boosts, and does things which they didn’t do previously, then it’s high time for you to look after the signs of an abusive relationship. If you ignore it now, it can cause mental and physical problems in the future. 

Although you keep on getting upset and wondering why things are falling apart, take a step ahead and look after the signs because it’s all for the goodness of your mental health!

You are isolating yourself:

Love can get extra sometimes. Your partner asks you not to hang out with your colleagues or friends. Aur whenever you are with someone, then they keep a weird eye around you. Hence you might end up isolating yourself or not socializing, which will affect your mental health. 

Also, in other cases, you won’t feel like meeting him for having any type of interaction. It is the common sign of an abuser; they continuously wage war against your people.

You partner keeps on monitoring your actions:

At the start of the relationship, you might love that your partner is always asking, where are you? Are trying to know everything about you, but it sometimes becomes hurtful. He will peep on some random guy’s text, he will ask your social media accounts password, and will tell you to call him after every hour.

And all these things are happening for quite a long time. They don’t value your boundaries, and thus it keeps on getting on the nerves. If you guys are in a long-distance relationship, then there will be lots of constant monitoring and questioning in every conversation.

You are required to take permissions for every little thing:

This is one of the important hints of an unhealthy or abusive relationship. Your partner will not prefer you to go out somewhere; hence you will be required to seek permission from them every time. So to avoid consequences, you think of lying to your partner, which is unhealthy. 

Lots of frustrations:

With so many increasing problems, you will have lots of anger issues and frustration with each other. Every little action of yours or them will bother to both. 

The arguments will keep on increasing every day, resulting in fights that can get abusive. Constant frustration may also lead to severe mental and physical health problems.

Increasing jealousy:

This is one of the major hints of an abusive relationship. Either you will feel jealous about their friend, or they will. Jealousy can make any relationship worse than ever. It can create self-doubt

Many individuals fall into the trap of jealousy, and they forget about self-love; they keep on criticizing themselves and their looks. As a result, they feel like it’s not happening all because of themselves. 

You try to start over everything together:

Starting over is a good sign of any relationship, but when there is just one person who keeps on pushing the relationship, then it gets abusive. You continuously try to take both of you all together, but it does not happen. 

You push your boundaries to make yourself as per their wishes, but they keep on getting tired or frustrated because of your actions. Yet another sign of an abusive relationship is they will ask you to give them space, which should happen but not many times.

Some kind of violence:

Not just will you get hurt emotionally and mentally; after these constant fights, you will undoubtedly face the violence of any kind. You have offered them a kind of commitment, and because of it, you won’t be able to stop them. 

Domestic violence is quite common in an abusive relationship, and if you are facing any, then please seek someone’s help. Things get worse if you ignore at first, take quick actions, and don’t take up the cruelty in any way. 

Constant criticism:

Your partner will act as a perfectionist and will always criticize you based on your look, walking style, haircut, and whatnot. You will never be perfect for them, even after trying a lot. 

Instead of bringing changes in their attitude and way of thinking, they will ask you to fix yourself. This criticism affects a person’s mental health adversely, causing stress and depression.

Conversation about your exes:

Conversation, comparison, and conviction are the significant signs of an abusive relationship. You will be continuously compared with their ex, and sometimes they will even ditch you to be with them. 

They will start comparing you with their way of thinking, clothing, and the past memories. You will feel that they are just speaking it off, but it’s a sign and a hint, too, that they are not interested in you.

A sense of superiority among both:

Last but not least, you both want to be superior, whether it’s a normal discussion or while making decisions. Your partner will dominate you, or either way. Relationships last long because of mutual understanding, and when superiority comes in between, then it is surely an unhealthy relationship!
Self-love is very important in any relationship. You are not required to take up someone’s frustration and abuse all day long. If you think that you’re in an abusive relationship, then please talk to someone close to you. There are many healthy people out there waiting for you. Don’t worsen your health, trust yourself, and start over again, because things are better and beautiful on the other side!

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