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6 Proven Ways To Improve Communication in Relationships

To maintain a healthy relationship, it is important to communicate. Communication is a two-way thing, and in every relationship, it matters a lot. Even though you are married, or in a long-distance relationship, or you have kids, being a couple, knowing each other is vital.

Your way of talking will surely differ according to your mood. If you are angry, you might express yourself differently, but if you are happy, the conversation would be much different. At some point, one cannot control their anger, and it’s OK to get angry; however, you should learn how to communicate properly in a relationship when you have mood swings, especially in girls. 

More than anyone else, you know your relationship better, so seeking someone else’s suggestion won’t work properly for you. We have compiled six different ways to improve communication in a relationship, but before using any look at the situation also.

Ask questions about anything and everything:

To build up a successful conversation, it is important to ask your partner questions. The topic can be anything; it could be about their work hours or their parents. Now, just don’t ask how your day was? Or how are your parents? Instead, talk in a way that the conversation gets. 

Ask open-ended questions. In the above-given cases, you can ask what you did in your day? And what was your last conversation with your parents? Make the discussion interesting, involve yourself, talk about what you feel if you would be in their situation. Give suggestions so that the conversation becomes heart to heart.

Now having such a type of conversation in a relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some may have anxiousness while sharing that personal issues, and others would be highly introverted. So, in this case, let your partner know about your problems and let them come with a solution. Now what you can do is, spend more time with them and make sure that you convey everything with words and actions. 

Keep a check on your partner’s actions:

Words are never enough when it comes to relationships. You can know your partner’s mood by the action as well. Sometimes, they may not be able to speak up everything to you because of some insecurities; hence you should keep a check on the move, what they are doing or how they are responding to some situation.

Let’s take a situation, you are asking your partner how their day was, and they just nod their head and say it was good. So, here if your partner’s day is good, they would speak more about it, they will tell the situations which happen. But instead, they did an action, which was a bit weird. 

Now, in such cases, don’t forcefully have a conversation. They might be going through certain circumstances which are unexplainable. So you can go on a warm date, and try to make them comfortable enough that they tell everything without you asking.

Don’t try to read each other’s mind:

This is one of the biggest mistakes most of the partners do in the relationship. Even after you are in a relationship for more than a year or it’s a long-distance relationship, never assume anything. 

Once you start assuming your partner, you would end up overthinking. Be comfortable enough to ask them anything. If you are feeling insecure about the action or something is hurting you, then just speak it, don’t keep anything to yourself, and don’t let them overthink about the relationship.

Once you try to read each other’s minds in a relationship, there comes a gap in between. You try to manipulate your partner’s actions, and it is a sign of mistreating too. If you keep on doing this, your conversation will have boundaries all set by you. 

Conversation is the solution:

Start using the ‘We’ psychology while having a conversation with your partner. Don’t always keep on bragging about your day, about your life, and your problems.

You can’t make relationship goals by dominating every time your partner. Everything should be mutual. If you are going out in a restaurant or buying a cloth, ask your partner suggestions and liking. 

If you are planning the monthly expense of your house, then keep track of both people. Do everything together, be it planning what to buy for your home or where to visit in the holidays. 

Also, don’t blame your partner for a situation. If they are doing wrong, then instead of pinpointing it, just tell them in the right way. The conversation should be smooth and two end. It should be natural, and both the partners should feel heard. 

Help them in work:

Nonverbal actions play an essential role, just as having some conversation. It is a simple cue to let them know that you care about them. Sometimes sharing the same space in a room will lead to fights. The other person might get angry because of your actions.

Hence to avoid this, start making mutual efforts while doing any household chores. Also, help them with their official work if they are having a bad day. If your girl is on its menses, then help them with as many things as you can.

Don’t keep any secrets:

The major problem with any relationship nowadays is the secrets itself. Instead of manipulating and venting on any situation, communicate it all to your partner. If you don’t feel like continuing the relationship, don’t extend it long and just tell your partner right away. 

In the end, communication can only foster your relationship. As a partner, you should understand this and make your relationship work. Try to resolve problems instead of breaking up. You can take the help of the above-given ways, and if this is also not working, go for relationship counseling.

You can even do relationship counseling online with your partner if you don’t feel like going outside. Lastly, be honest, direct, and kind, because the more efforts you will give, the longer in a relationship you will stay!

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