What is Learning Disorder?

Learning disorders also called learning disabilities affect a child's self esteem and motivation adversely. It affects the information-processing of any individual and causes problems in coordinating movements, making the child feel awkward.

Learning disorder is never life threatening but it affects the mental well-being a lot. This disorder is often discovered when the child is of the school age and begins to show significant gaps in learning when compared with peers.

There are several types of learning disabilities that affect the kid's reading, writing, and comprehension abilities. Sometimes learning disorders are accompanied by other disorders like ADHD, leading to different social problems.

Frequently observed symptoms:

  • Poor memory
  • Problems while reading or writing
  • Short attention span
  • Eye to hand coordination problems
  • Difficulty in following instructions
  • Trouble in solving math problems
  • Difficulty in differentiating between numbers, alphabets, and signs or sounds
  • Disorganized behavior at home and school


  • Dyscalculia: In this condition, the individual is not able to solve simplest and basic math problems. They are not able to perform accurate math calculations, reasoning, number-related concepts, and often get mathematics anxiety.
  • Dyslexia: In this condition, the individual finds difficulty in reading, and they often avoid activities that involve reading. They mispronounce the names and words, and problem in retrieving basic words.
  • Dysgraphia: In this condition, the individuals face difficulty in forming letters or words. They have slow handwriting as compared to other peers and have inconsistent writing. In severe cases, they mix upper and lower cases.
  • Non-verbal learning disabilities: In this condition, the individual has excellent memory skills but faces trouble in reading. They also have poor coordination and abstract reasoning, leading to messy handwriting.
  • Oral/written language disorder: In this condition, have limited vocabulary for their age and often confuse verb tenses. Sometimes they frequently say sentences that don't make much sense, and use a lot of filler words.


Depending on the type of learning disorder a kid is facing, the treatment differs from person to person. The most common treatment for learning disorders includes psychotherapy, special education, and medication.

Learning disorders have no specific cure till now, but when you seek help at the early stage, you can lessen their effects promptly. Therapies will help a child to get over learning disability through several coping techniques. Here are some common therapies for learning disorder used by therapists:

  • CBT
  • REBT

Self-help tips for Learning Disorder:

  • Be realistic: If your kid is facing a learning disorder then be realistic about it, and don't force them to do things, they aren't able to. Know the fact that many people are suffering through this, and try to recognise and appreciate their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Reinforce positivity: Praise the efforts your kids are doing, and focus on the right thing. Let your child express negative emotions in a safe way, and develop positivity in them. If they ever make a mistake in the treatment process then make them understand, because they are already going through a lot of frustration.
  • Learn problem-solving skills: Help your child do better by teaching them problem-solving skills. Children suffering from learning disorder undergo a lot of problems that are difficult to understand. Teach them not to compare their problems with someone else, and if they are facing any problem, then help them with several techniques.
  • Feel special about whatever you do: Never make your child feel bad about their disability, don't compare, or get frustrated. Help them to acknowledge whatever they are doing, is best in its own way, and you will get over it shortly.
  • Seek professional help: Never avoid learning disability because it has a lot of after effects. Instead of talking about your child problem to everyone else, choose the right person to seek help and trust the process. Success is achievable to everyone, just ensure you are on the right path, and dealing with the problems appropriately.

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