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The notion behind family therapy is that relationships as intimate as those between couples, family members, and anyone playing a long-term supportive role are just as important as the most pressing anxieties and difficulties. Often the good health of these intimate relationships has the power to augment the positive effects that therapy can have. Involving families in the process, viewing individual problems in the context of the family or working together with it can increase the effectiveness of the therapy exponentially. And prove beneficial to each one involved too.

The family therapist can help bring a clearer mindset to important familial issues including loss, separation, children, conflicts and other distresses tied directly or indirectly to the functioning of the family.

Keeping in mind this clear and huge positive effect that this therapy has, our therapists strive to strengthen and bring out the wisdom that is inherent in a family. In this therapy combining different methods, your partner or family member is also benefitted by the session, thereby solving problems in not only the realm of your consciousness, but also the innate relationship between you and your family.

Tough times are meant to be solved collectively by the family while cultivating effective communication and understanding.

This beautiful collective therapy experience and how Mindsight Clinic tackles it make this therapy a unique, constructive and fruitful choice among clients.

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Family Counselling session taken by Jaini Savla,CEO and Senior psychologist


More than your therapist…

My therapist at Mindsight is amazingly adept at what she does, because she is more than a therapist. She’s a truly gifted teacher, who taught me how to uncover my strengths, transcend the past, and open my heart in ways I’d not knows was possible. Though it’s been years since working with her, her lessons are still very much with me. And whenever someone asks me if I can recommend a psychotherapist, Mindsight is the only clinic that comes to my mind.

Anyushi Kakad
Trustworthy, comfortable and friendly therapy.

It normally takes me a while to trust people and open up. However, even in my first session with my therapist, I found myself discussing things with a comfort level of a long-time, trusted friend, I also appreciate her genuine and caring nature, which makes all the difference in a therapy experience. She spent as much as time as needed with me to talk through my concerns and to explain the options available to me. I highly recommend Mindsight’s services and thank them for helping me to move forward.

Kavya Somani
Get over emotions with only a few sessions.

I am very thankful for the work that we did together to help me overcome a traumatic experience. It was something I could not think about without becoming extremely emotional. I am glad that today I can think about it, and discuss it with others, without becoming emotionally distressed. I was surprised by how few sessions my therapist was able to help me with this in.

Karan Sharma
Find your place in family, society, and the world.

The society and my family never understood me which is why I constantly felt very weak and inconsistent. I wanted to be heard and wanted to be felt needed. Ever since I have taken therapy from Mindsight, I feel much happier and positive and doing very well for myself today.

Shreya Shah
Change your perspective.

With the growing need for emotional attention, Mindsight has offered me a mirror for the way I introspect and cope with my problems! Just as the name suggests, the way you see the world will be changed by changing how your mind works! Love this place and a special thanks to my therapist.


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