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Services we provide
Depression Counselling
If you are persistently feeling hopeless in your life and showing physical symptoms, including changes in sleep and appetite, excessive feelings of guilt, loss of energy, and more,you may be depressed. Our MindSight psychologist can help you get better.
Anxiety Counselling
MindSight anxiety counselor offers a customized treatment for your anxiety attacks and disorders through identifying your stressors, replacing your obsessive thoughts, and improving your problem-solving skills. Develop healthy lifestyle habits and learn relaxation techniques to win your struggle with anxiety.
Child Counselling
Child counseling at MindSight is for young children and adolescents with one or more mental health issues. MindSight offers an effective counseling program for addressing issues like ADHD, anger, and bullying and managing your child's emotional development and mental health.
Stress Management
Are you feeling restless, obsessive, and insomniac? Don't let yourself suffer more, because we understand you better! Relieve your work-related and acute stress with mindsight clinic's stress counseling. Book a stress counseling session now!
Couples Counselling
Couples counseling is for resolving interpersonal conflicts and improving romanticrelationships between you and your better half. Our Mindsight Couple therapist offers solution-based interventions to amend your struggling relationship for sure.
Family Counselling
When society is becoming more and more violent and mediocre every day, it can be quite challenging for a family to stay together and value one another unceasingly. A family therapist can help you nourish your family bonding for sure.
How Counseling Helps
How our psychologist will help you
Share Your problem
You make an appointment with a MindSight counselor who discusses your history,diagnoses your concerns, and prepares a treatment plan.
Find a Solution
Your therapist explores the depth of your issues, offers practical interventions, monitors your growth, resolves expected challenges, and ensures measurable results.
Live a Healthier Life
You become a better version of yourself, get equipped with reliable knowledge to deal with your problems, and feel more fulfilled in your life.