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5 Tips For Students To Overcome Lockdown Stress

Stress Management For Students

The COVID-19 outbreak had adverse effects on everyone. As a parent, many of you have planned your vacations or outings for the summers, but due to the stressful pandemic situation everything turned out to be a tragedy. Some have lost their jobs, who were just the earning members of the family. Hence stress and panic was all around, causing pressure to every member of the family, even kids.

The study from home policy becomes difficult to handle as the kid has to spend a long time on screens. The human brain takes time to understand and work according to the surrounding.  With an immediate change in policies, many school children got stressed and anxious

Even after your kids’ started their day with positivity, staying in the same environment for so long will affect their academics.

Teen student in stress due to covid-19 lockdown

Hence, here are a few tips for students to overcome lockdown stress

Maintain a proper routine:

As a parent, see to it that your kid has a proper built-up routine, they wake up on time, have their breakfast, and get fresh air. Don’t let them sleep for long hours, as they can get lazy by this. Ask them to do their classwork on time. 

You can also allow your kid to make their routine; this can help them to learn time management. Setting up a routine on their own is a type of mindful exercise. If you see your kid stressed because of this messed up routine, then keep them engaged with fun activities. Let them sleep after regular intervals.

Keep yourself connected with your friends:

The bond a kid has with his/her friend will never be the same with their parents. If you see your kid is stressed a bit, and is not telling you what is bothering them, then let them talk to their friends. 

Forceful conversations with kids will never help them to manage stress. Let them come to you, when they feel like coming, but keep an eye on their activities. If they are not scoring well in exams in lockdown, then talk to their friend, ask the syllabus, and make things normal.

Set up screen time:

Many kids are undergoing stress due to increased screen time. The major reason behind this is previously; kids didn’t have access to laptops and mobiles. 

The extended screen time does not just affect the eye, but it causes severe problems to the brain. Ask them to use devices when required the most, and after that, build a playful environment in the home, through which they don’t feel like using any. 

Perform different activities:

Did you want to teach your kid Vedic mathematics? Was your kid more fascinated to play chess? Does he like cooking? This is the right time to build-up the hobbies of your kids. Let their creativity flow; don’t stop them. 

Ask them to paint pictures, learn a new musical instrument, or read some mythology. Studying all day long is quite stressful for kids; hence, give them some space and ask them to do a lot of activity-based work. Also, appreciate your kid even if the work is very simple because it encourages them to do more.

Exercising and other related physical activities:

Meditation is one of the best ways a kid can do for stress management. But if they are not interested in it, ask them to do basic exercise. Buy small dumbbells for them, and a skipping rope. You can also dedicate each afternoon or evening to play indoor games with your kid. These activities will make the home of parents and kids stronger, and they will more likely share with you anything. 
As a kid, try to take this lockdown as a gift and upgrade your skills. This is the time you may not get in the future; utilize it adequately. If you are dealing with anxiety, talk to your parents, and get help from them. Also, don’t rush more; if things are not happening your way, get peace by following the above tips to overcome your lockdown stress!

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