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How To Do Self-love In The Time Of Uncertainty?

Many people wonder how to self-love or what is self-care? The term has become more popular nowadays because of lockdown. People got ample time to work on their bodies and minds. They got some relief from their stressful life. Be it a kid or an adult; everyone started to work on their hobbies. Don’t worry if you have not done any self-love, because it’s better late than never!

Did you know that taking long baths is one of the ways you can do your self-care? Find some more exciting self-love ideas below through which you can make your life happier and stress-free.

Plan your day wisely:

If you are staying and working all day long at your home, then it’s high time for you to organize yourself first. Set up a timetable that covers your morning breakfast, lunch, and evening activities. If you have some other work for the day, then keep time for it and do it at the allotted period. 

If you have a kid or parents, then give them your time. Have long conversations with them, help them with their household chores. Try reading a book or newspaper to keep yourself updated about the world. Planning the day is an essential part of self-care. When you don’t plan anything, you will stay tired all day long, and a major portion of the work will remain untouched.

Keep the utmost care of your health:

Planning the day and the health problems go hand in hand. When you don’t plan your day wisely, you don’t get to manage your health, and that leads to severe physical and mental health problems

If you are eating some medicine, then don’t forget to have it even after you are having a busy day. Keep track of your food intake, and eat protein-rich foods. Instead of eating junks, start taking dry fruits or fresh fruits for breakfast. Taking care of one’s own health is an important aspect of self-care.

Stay away from alcohol or cigarettes:

Alcohol and cigarettes can trigger you to think negatively. It even affects your digestive system. When you regularly feed your stomach with alcohol, you will face issues relating to stomach aches or liver problems. 

If you continuously smoke and drink, then the chances of getting esophageal cancer increases. Not just this, alcohol consumption is one of the prevalent triggers of panic attacks. If you are depressed and you consume any of these, the chances of getting attacks increases.

Manage your stress:

If you have been working for a long time, and you didn’t take a break, then this is the time you should focus on doing so. Relax your body and replenish it by doing things you love the most. Store as much energy as you can, and use it when it is needed the most.

If your job does not allow long holidays, then visit a local coffee shop and munch your favorite cookies. You can even cheat your diet to manage your stress because it’s important. 

Dump the technology: 

If you are a technology freak and every work of yours depends on it totally, then please take some break. Set up screen time, and use phone or laptop at that time itself. 

If you are always on the screen for long hours, not just your eyesight gets affected, but also you get addicted. You are not aware of things happening around, which can make you more stressed.

Get proper sleep:

You should develop healthy sleep habits as soon as you can. Getting deep sleep is as important as having healthy food for your body. While planning your day, set up your bedtime, and get up every day at the same time. 

Don’t forget to follow the same timetable on weekends. Although you can cheat once, take care that it doesn’t become your habit. If you are not able to sleep well, then practice sleep techniques and stay aloof from your phone.

Stick to a healthy diet:

Have a plate full of fresh fruits and green vegetables at any meal of the day. You can also switch to fat-free foods. Stay away from sweet drinks, and have water all day long to keep yourself hydrated. 

Food matters a lot when it comes to self-care. Eating junks makes your body weak and affects the digestive system too. Have protein-rich food when at home because it’s healthier and tastier than junk.

Keep exercising: 

Exercise is a must if you are building a self-care routine. It not just boosts your mood for the rest of the day but keeps you healthy and fit. If you are not able to go to a gym, then stick to regular aerobics or walking in your lawn. 

You can even do meditation or yoga to make your routine calm and comfortable. Find what works for you the best, and thrive on it to get the right results. 

Apart from all the above-given tips, you can even start morning routine and nighttime routine for your skin. Do some exciting experiments by applying homemade face masks or do a DIY that you have dreamt of for so long. There are no full-proof self-care steps; you can do anything that you like the most doing. Love your body and health, and you will see drastic changes in your physical and mental health too!

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