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Things You Didn’t Know About Dating with Depression

Depression can bring along a lot of negativity within you, and once you get into a relationship, this feeling will surely hurt the other person. It mostly happens because your partner is not much aware of your mental state.  That doesn’t mean you are not made for a relationship. 

A relationship has its own pros and cons; a normal couple may always feel happy and content in every moment. But if any of you are depressed, then it gets hard to understand what is bothering you or your partner the most? You will feel that you have never accomplished anything as a partner. 

Learn more about what happens in a relationship while in depression and make yourself prepared to tackle all these. Also, if your partner is going through depression, then take the pointers carefully, and help them cope up with problems in a much better way.

Constant feeling of anxiousness and stress even when you are with your partner:

When you are in depression, you won’t find love exciting at some hour of the day. You will not feel exactly like your partner. The neurotransmitters will always make you feel down or stressed every time. 

You will get anxious over little things, like, your partner’s action or your dress. There are lots of mood swings constantly happening in your brain. At some point, you will feel content, while other times, you might be awful. And all these feelings last for an hour or two, and after that, you are a normal person.

Fear of rejection:

You or your partner will always have this fear of rejection, because of which they might act awkward. They will always tell you to leave you because they are not suitable for you. Other than this, a depressed person is hypersensitive when it comes to expressing emotions.

If you are in depression, you will get sad over little sarcastic jokes or remarks from your partner. They might have told it just to tease, but you may take it in a whole different sense. You will find themselves always mean, and you will react strongly.

Problems relating to intimacy:

Many people have issues with sex drives in depression. You will be in love with your partner, but you won’t feel like getting intimate. And as a result, the other person may feel like you are incompatible, but it’s not that way. 

Before concluding to any result, just have a talk with your partner and tell your exact problem to them. Then you will see how your sexual connection will boost, and your depression will be relieved. 

Self-isolation making everything worse:

You will get frustrated and irritated with the crowd, and eventually, you might end up isolating yourself from everyone. Self-isolation is common among depressive patients

Because of this nature, your partner will get frustrated at times, as they have spent some quality time with you before the depression. Talk about this problem to your therapist and let your partner know the reason behind your unstable behavior.

Medicines that are comforting your depression is affecting your relationship

If you are taking any anti-depressants to curb your depression, then it will affect your sexual desires because of the chemicals. You may gain weight or lose weight tremendously, leading to lousy body shape. 

The tablets have a wholesome effect on brain functioning too. You will continuously face despair with your partner. Additionally, you will get obsessive thoughts for your relationship, which can turn out to be a positive sign.

Communication is the key!

If your partner is in depression, or you, always have the proper communication with your other one. If you are going through any of the above problems, then talk to your therapist and let them give you the solution for this. 
Relationships are challenging to maintain, but if you are going through depression, it gets out of control. But if you want to keep everything going for long, then try not to keep any gap between both of you. Let your partner embrace your view and help you cope up with depression because that’s the only way out!

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