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The increasing stigma of Depression!

Even though there are around 264 million people who are facing depression, why is depression still not considered as a major mental issue? Not just depression, many other mental health problems aren’t in the light of the people. 

There are lots of myths and misconceptions that still persist about mental health. A person with depression is considered to be crazy, but what if one of our loved ones is going through this, and yet you are not aware of it? Isn’t it weird? If not, then it should be! Look after the reasons why people still not open up about their problems relating to depression to anyone:

Depression is never a real problem:

Whenever a person tries to open up their actual issue with someone, they end up listening to the same line. Everyone will think of it as a mere sadness or maybe a weak character. Sometimes, people even put it as a low emotional quotient, and they ask them to seek emotional help rather than mental health.

So if you are in depression, don’t follow this facade at all. Try to reach out to a therapist instead of talking about it to other people who don’t even know what depression is? You will never get the right support from them!

You can get out of depression simply by self-care: 

Yet another stigma of depression seen in the prevalent society is that anyone can get out of stress by just doing self-care. They think that this mental condition happens because you don’t give yourself enough time from your work or studies. 

And the cure they might give at the end of the day is to go for a holiday instead of going to a therapist, which is absolutely wrong. There are lots of triggers of depression; it doesn’t happen because of a single situation or a bad day. 

It’s all because of the sadness around you:

This is too common to hear when it comes to depression! You will constantly get this suggestion that it’s all because of the grievances and the problems happening around you. It can certainly be right, but not absolutely every time.

Everyone will experience sadness once in a month or a year because of some bad news. It might be related to someone’s death or problems in a personal relationship. But in the case of depression, there are lots of unexplained moments of hopelessness and sadness going for a long time.

If you are going through depression, then don’t just believe the ongoing stigma given by lots of people. Instead, read out the below section, and make up your mind right away!

Depression does not affect your beauty!

If you take care of your physical well being even in depression, you will never go out of shape. Eat healthy food and stick to a nutritious diet, and the results will be visibly seen. Also, when you intake good food, the chances of healing through depression increases.

You can be successful too!

Depression will never come in your way of success. If you want to succeed in life, take regular therapies and medication to keep your mind balanced. Many patients have become successful even in hyper depression.

You can get good grades even in depression

There might be days you will feel helpless and stressed, because of which you will not be able to concentrate on studies. But, if you follow regular meditation and proper diet, then you can get good grades. Just stick to a timetable and tell your therapist about your problems. Let them find a way for you to grow because it’s possible.

Materialistic pleasures can help you heal your depression: 

Sometimes the spa and hair care routine will make you happier than exercising. Hence, take the pleasures from wherever you get, because once you start to become happy, you will heal through your depression quickly.

Don’t ever judge a depressed person, because depression can happen to anyone at any stage of life!

Depression never happens because some choose to; it is a severe mental condition that requires professional assistance. If you are going through depression, then never be ashamed of talking about it to anyone, because if you ignore, nobody else will be able to recognize it.

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