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5 Examples Why Lying About Your Depression Will Make It Worse!

There are many kids and adults who often lie about their depression. And the reason behind this is social acceptance. Many of us don’t understand what depression is and how it affects a person physically and mentally? 

Awareness of depression is not much because people think it’s because of routine stress. But is it? Many people get panic attacks and anxiety attacks because of depression they have been going through for a long time. 

A kid may not speak about its mental health condition to their parents because of the fear of losing them. And adults won’t tell, because others will make fun of them. There are many instances where people have been going through depression for a long time and end up committing suicide

Hence, lying about depression is not going to benefit you; instead, it will make the situation worse, just like the below-given examples:

Sleep disruption:

When you continuously ignore your depression, then after a while, you will face trouble while sleeping. There is a link between sleep and depression. When a person is depressed, they tend to overthink a lot because of which their brain does not get enough time to manage the sleep pattern.

Untreated depression makes a person insomniac or inability to fall and stay asleep. In some cases, a person will oversleep because of depression. Hence, this will automatically affect your medical problems and will make your depression worse.

Alcohol addiction:

Most depressed people get addicted to alcohol because of its characteristics. When a person drinks alcohol, the natural level of happiness gets affected, and they feel happy for a while. 

The chemical released by alcohol gives a sudden boost at the time of drinking, but on the other day, they will get more anxious or depressed. As a result, they will drink more alcohol, and after some time, they get addicted, making the depression worse.

Problems at the workplace and home:

When your depression is untreated or ignored for a while, you will see constant problems and irritation at your workplace and home. You will not be able to concentrate on your work properly. There will be lots of questions from your superiors regarding your work efficiency.

At home, you will not be able to sit calmly with your family members. Any little activity by them will frustrate you, leading to a communication gap between every member. Eventually, you will try to isolate yourself from everyone, which can make your depression worse and can result in anxiety attacks.

Serious physical illness:

When you don’t treat your depression for a while, you will soon feel physical symptoms in yourself. There will be increased aches and pain in your body and head. This occurs to most of the people in depression. Also, you will face chronic fatigue and decreased sex drive

These all physical illness happens because of abnormal functioning of brain messenger, like serotonin. Your body becomes sensitive to take the pain, and you get a lower sex drive.

Appetite problems:

You will either eat too much, or you will eat nothing when you don’t treat your depression. Loss of appetite is one of the early symptoms of depression. And because of this, you will see a sudden change in your weight. 

You will lose interest in eating your favorite food, or you will try to eat lots of junk, which can make you obese after some time. 

Hence, it’s not a good idea to hide your depression. The symptoms become more visible after some time, and it gets worse if untreated. If you have a teenager and you think that they might be dealing with a mental illness, then help them to be honest. 

Depression does not happen because of somebody’s fault; the changing lifestyle is the cause. Hence try to seek help from anyone as early as you can because the more you hide, the worse the depression gets!

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