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How to do effective parenting during the lockdown?

There are already lots of negativities out there, and being a parent, it’s in your hands to make your home a happy place. You can have the best time with your kid, if only you know how to understand them and be with them. 

During this lockdown, many parents have been constantly into pressure because of the financial crisis and work burden. It not only gets challenging to manage all the work from home proficiently but also handling a kid becomes more arduous. 

So, to solve your problems, below given are some parenting tips we have found effective while doing family and child therapy.

Spend quality time with your kids:

Try to be with your kid as much as possible to maintain the normalcy even in the lockdown. Be with them when they are playing some game, like ludo or chess. Help them to explore more books other than academics, like a novel or kids magazine. It will help them to gain knowledge of many different things.

It is quite certain that you will have some official work; hence, ask them to do some household chores. Doing household chores as a kid will give them a sense of responsibility at an early age. Other than that, try playing mindful games during the lockdown, like puzzles; it’s one of the types of positive parenting nowadays. 

Help your kids with their schoolwork:

Your kid will not be in contact with their friends. Virtual studies are a lot different than the normal one. As the kid is already putting so many efforts studying online, which they haven’t done before, it’s your responsibility as a parent to help them with books and exams.

For this, you can take the help of different parenting styles, which will benefit you with strategies for kid’s studies. Build an appropriate timetable for them. The list should be in such a way that they don’t get exhausted and tired by studying all day long. 

Build a routine:
Many kids are suffering from stress and depression because of their distressing routine. Among the four parenting styles, authoritative or pessimistic during this lockdown. If you try to become an uninvolved parent, then it would affect your kid’s health a lot.

Make a routine in such a way that they have adequate time for playing outdoors or indoors. Next, think about the classwork and other curricular activities, and allot time according to these. Let them have conversations with their friends on a video call so that they can share their routines and build a healthy connection. 

Set goals and let them achieve it:

When a kid starts to practice setting goals and achieving it at an early age, they become a doer in the future. Always let your child set up some activity for their own selves, be it a math calculation or an art. Let them achieve it; give them the right space to explore their abilities. 

Also, when a kid starts to set goals and work on it, they get to know their hobby. Creativity matters more nowadays, and the only way you can imbibe it in your children, is by allowing them to do things on their own. Letting a child do their work on their own is considered good parenting

Celebrate their little steps:

Encouraging your little one to handle their work on their own builds their self-esteem. And gifting kids for their success encourages them to do a bit more the next time. 

Be it a small peacock drawing, or a poem that was challenging to learn, let them do their hard work, and as a parent, praise them as much as you can.

Tell them age-appropriate things:

Keeping your kid away from the real world is not going to help them grow. As a parent, it is your duty to make them aware of what is happening around them? What is the virus, and why is there a lockdown? If they are teenagers, let them know about politics and financial problems.

When you keep your kid updated about the world, they become more emotional and aware. Ask them to read the newspaper, watch the news with them, interrogate with them, include them in your discussion, and see your kid maturing.

The bottom line!

Many kids are facing lots of mental problems during this lockdown. As a parent, you must help them with their study and other related work. If they don’t get proper assistance at the beginning, they will overthink, and the chances of further physical illness increases.

If you see that your kid is constantly facing trouble in the lockdown, and they are not able to open to you all, then it is suggested to go for child counseling. And if you are not able to manage all these duties, and if it’s affecting your mental health, then take parenting counseling

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