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How Anxiety Impacts Physical Health Badly!

Anxiety is a mental health disorder that gets severe if ignored for a longer time. When a person goes into anxiety, they worry and fear a lot with little problems. 

The symptoms of anxiety are different for everyone; some may feel lonely while others will have constant body aches. The reason behind anxiety attacks are external triggers, and when there are moments that are not tolerable, a person may get severe heart problems. Just like this, below-given are some more impacts of anxiety over physical health, which we have seen common among most of the patients.

Cardiovascular problems:

Whenever you are anxious or worried about something, your body instantly pumps blood for you to respond to the situation. But if the trouble passes away, the body is still pumping the blood, and it goes on an elevated level.

Hence, because of this constant contraction and relaxation, the chances of getting cardiovascular problems like a heart attack or strokes get increased. It is seen that most of the people who get a heart attack have been in depression or anxiety for an extended period.


When a person is in anxiety, and they suddenly face an unbearable situation, their body pumps more blood than usual. The systolic blood pressure rises to 30mmHg. 

Although these spikes are temporary and totally dependant on the intensity of the situations, the impact of increasing blood pressure is a lot more.

Suffocation while breathing

Many people notice short breathiness in anxiety; this is also called dyspnea. Ventilation plays a vital role in any anxiety patient if they stay in a room where there is no good source of oxygen; the chances of getting panic attacks increase.

Some people also face faster breathing than usual; this can be a result of an anxiety attack. They will feel breathlessness, and the chest will get stiff, which may result in severe chronic problems as well.

Gastrointestinal issues:

Any individual in anxiety will constantly face stomach pain, diarrhea, heartburn, or constipation, resulting in frequent vomiting. This happens because of increased stress and worry in day to day life.

Also, many people often overeat or undereat in anxiety, and as a result, they will have an undisturbed stomach leading to severe stomach aches.

Sleep disorders:

It becomes hard to fall asleep in anxiety. There are constant thoughts going in your mind, which makes you more disturbed. This sleep deprivation can trigger your stress in a worse way. 

Other than this, because of insomnia, you will never feel refreshed even after waking up in the morning. Even after you will feel exhausted and tired, you won’t be able to get deep sleep because of running thoughts.

Hyperglycemia or high blood sugar: 

Anxiety plays an important role in blood sugar levels. The unrealistic worry and fear will increase the blood sugar level, causing hyperglycemia. 

This is a rare case because many people get anxiety after their sugar problems. Because when a person is facing any issues related to glucose, they tend to get anxious.

Poor immune system:

The body’s immune power gets affected a lot due to anxiety and depression. Because of the lack of sleep or overeating, the body gets weaker, so as the systems too. All these problems lead to frequent illness and viral infections.


When any individual gets anxiety, the potential risk of getting obese once in a lifetime increases, stress increases the cortisol levels because of which a person gets overweight.  

The longer a person is going through anxiety, the chances of obesity increases. Hence, this is one of the main reasons why you should treat anxiety instantly!

Muscle rigidity: 

Individuals who are suffering from anxiety always face muscle stiffness. This happens because their body gets triggered by any external problems which affect the nervous system directly. 

Muscle rigidity does not just happen because of the problems that make a person anxious. Instead, when in anxiety, and individual tends to keep themselves away from everyone. They will be doing less bodily movements, like running and exercising, because of which the muscles become inactive and rigid.

High cholesterol level:

Many anxiety disorder patients have faced frequent cholesterol problems. This might happen because of your changing lifestyle due to mental issues. A person’s anxiousness and stress increase bad cholesterol. 

Due to anxiousness, the body release cortisol hormone, which is responsible for increasing cholesterol. 
Most of the time, all these pain become uncontrollable, and you will need medical assistance instantly. Hence, always be in touch with your therapist as well as your doctor when you are in anxiety. You will get triggered by any of the situations, and it can lead to these physical problems at any hour of the day!

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