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5 Tips To Deal With Anxiety During Lockdown

Anxiety extensively affects the mental and physical health of a person, hence, it’s important to maintain our physical and mental well being for a energetic life. However, even if you try your best to stay out of negativities, some external factors will always affect you in some or the other way. Pandemic is one of those events which affected a lot of people. Many are still scared to get out of their homes; some are in depression, while others are anxious

How lockdown and anxiety are related?

The global pandemic did not just affect the economy of different countries, but also people are suffering through severe mental issues. There are many causes started by WHO relating to increasing stress problems, and the common among all is job loss.

Lockdown is a safety measure taken by the government to curb the virus, but the results were a bit negative. Major distress was seen in families who have any member working in the medical health care system. Hence, it is challenging to remain normal in such a situation, where negativity is all around. 

If you are stressed, you can try some coping mechanisms as they are beneficial to cope up with stress. To make your experience easier.

woman feeling anxiety in lockdown

We have listed down some easy tips to deal with anxiety during lockdown:

Build a routine:

Your body needs rest to maintain your health, be it physical or mental. But nowadays, due to work from home conditions, many of us are not able to manage the routine. It’s important to maintain work-life balance, and to attain this; you should plan your day so that you get efficient time to do everything. 

Start practicing healthy sleeping habits and eat healthy food. Junks can upset your stomach, and it can affect your physical health. 

Spend time with your family:

To get out of anxiety, it is essential to spend time with your loved ones. Play with your kids, have some happy evening with them. Help your partner in household chores and other related work. 
When you divert your mind from a stressful condition, it becomes easier to get over anxiety.

Stay connected to your colleagues:

If you stay alone at your home, then connect to your long lost school or college friends and have past conversations to relive your memories. Isolation is the biggest trigger of an anxiety disorder; hence keep yourself busy talking to people and stay away from stressful situations.

Exercise and meditate:

This lockdown phase is new for everyone. And the most affected ones are the youngsters who used to stay outside for the whole day long. Even kids are getting suffocated around their parents. Hence it is important for everyone to take out a time that can give peace. 

Exercising and meditation is the best solution for those who are facing any anxiety disorder. When you exercise, your body becomes more active, and the chances of getting stressed get low. Try some indoor activities, and be mindful of everyone. 

Limit media exposure:

If you constantly watch the news throughout the day, it can panic you. You will get tensed about the problematic situation out there; as a result, your anxiety doubles up. Try to give just 30 minutes of your morning to absorb news and to get updates about the pandemic.

In the remaining time, spend time with your family, because you won’t get this together-time again!
In these difficult times, it’s everyone’s duty to work together. If you are getting anxious, then try to be with people who can make you happy.

And if you see someone else is going through anxiety disorders or depression, then take your best move and help them. Stop criticizing yourself for your problems, and seek help whenever you need it!

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